Best Self Cleaning Litter Boxes

Best Self Cleaning Litter Boxes

If you have a cat, you already know that they’re one of the most lovable things you can ever fill your house with. The only downside to having a cat is the obvious one, and that is cleaning out the litter box.

The smell is not very nice and the litter box isn’t very easy to hide. Overall, they are a pain to clean and if you don’t want to scare friends or family away it’s a chore that needs to be done every day.

It’s a great thing that technology has made leaps and bounds to make our lives extra simple, and that has even extended to making litter boxes automatic and self-cleaning.

Cats are very simple to toilet train and shouldn’t take to long to pick up on using a self-cleaning litter box.

So if you’re tired of coming home every day to a crystal clean apartment, but can’t escape that odor of cat poop in the air, then check out these top automatic self-cleaning litter boxes, to keep your house smelling amazing.

Best Self Cleaning Litter Boxes

PetSafe’s ScoopFree Automatic Litter Box

The PetSafe automatic litter box is one of the most popular automatic litter boxes on the market, and it comes to no surprise due to its very reasonable price point and recognized brand.

The litter box is packed with a crystal litter that has been specially formulated to destroy your cat’s odors up to five times better than the leading cat clumping litter!

It absorbs urine instantly on contact as well, so you’ll never have smells emanating the air.

The litter box works by using a rake system, that activates around 20 minutes after your cat uses the box, and it drags the waste products into a closed waste sector, so the smells are secured tightly and away from sight. In case of any leakage outside of the equipment, it has a solution for that.

The tray comes equipped with tray liners to help with disposing of your cat’s droppings, making for an easy clean up from machine to the garbage.

The rake system on this litter box is so efficient that it saves you tons of litter doing it by itself.

The litter box can save you up to 10 times the amount of litter, versus scooping it by hand, so more money in your pocket to spend on your furry friend!

The litter box and its timing makes it great for cats of pretty much all ages, except for kittens and very old cats who may have issues entering and exiting a box with a high clearance.

If you need a litter box that saves you money, time, and has a very simple set up, the PetSafe automatic litter box is one of the best in the business.


  • The crystal litter that comes packed with the unit has unprecedented urine absorption
  • The automated sensors that go off twenty minutes after gives your cat tons of time to leave the unit and eliminates odors efficiently
  • Very convenient to use, just plug it in and its ready to use


  • Has a high clearance, so it may be difficult to use for cats with disabilities and young kittens
  • Some people have had issues with the crystal urine not doing much to hide smells

PetSafe’s Simply Clean Automatic Litter Box

The Simple Clean automatic litter box is another proven concept by PetSafe that provides your cat with a litter box that is simple to use and keeps your house smelling as clean as the day you bought it.

It comes with multiple pieces you must set up, but once you’re up and running, you’ll never want to use another box again.

Their is a semi-transparent waste disposal system, which gives you easy access to seeing when it needs to be emptied. This opertes every hour or so, and sifts through the litter on a rotating system.

It will then carry it up a conveyor which sorts the clumping into a waste compartment while keeping the rest of the litter intact.

All these moving parts also move silently, and all moving parts are not visible, so your cat should never be bothered by the system.

This is may be the perfect litter box for anyone who has cats that are known to be spooked by loud machines, or moving equipment, as this litter box has none of the above.

There are not many better litter boxes you can find for the price, and the low clearance allows this box to be used by many cats of all different ages.


  • Inexpensive cat litter box for equipment you get out of the box
  • No scooping ever required, and the semi-transparent disposable container helps you see when it’s time to empty
  • Low clearance makes it great for most cats of older age to exit and enter
  • Very quiet, and no visible moving parts, so cats won’t be easily startled by it


  • Takes a while to set up, can be difficult for people who aren’t great with instructions
  • Has a 15-pound weight limit, so overweight cats aren’t well suited for this litter box
  • Has no cover equipped, so some smells may get out

CatGenie Self-Flushing Cat Box

Looks like a human toilet, and acts just like one. The CatGenie self-flushing cat box is about as close as it gets to your own toilet in the house.

It’s a self-cleaning system that automatically scoops out the cat droppings, liquefies it in a separate compartment, then flushes it right out of your home.

It then uses water and a sanitizing solution to wash out the bowl and get it ready for the next time, just like a real toilet.

You don’t need to ever change a disposable tray ever again, or even buy cat litter for that matter, because the Cat Genie has it completely covered.

Instead of using kitty litter, it comes with litter-like granules, which will help satisfy your cats desire to scrape around and dig before he uses the box.

These granules are sanitized and rinsed out through the CatGenie’s rigorous cleaning system.

This litter box is the ultimate solution if you have multiple cats, as there will never be a time where they crowd up the box and drag clumping poop around.

One of the best features is it hooks up with your water system, and is required a hook up to a drain or toilet. Keep in mind that it will need an electrical outlet to operate.

It operates on 14 hour or 24-hour cycles, or you can have it simply activate 10 or 30 minutes after cleaning, whichever one you think would scare your cat less.

If your house has easy access to setting up a permanent litter box, then you need to consider this piece of technology.

People say that it’s as close as it gets to ever getting your cat to use your own toilet, and will have you never dealing with the perils of touching a standard litter box as well.


  • As close as it may ever get to the real thing. A self-operating cat toilet that never needs litter
  • Scoops out and removes all the cats waste without ever needing to remove the waste yourself
  • The litter-like granules make it comfortable for your cat to use and give them something to dig in before using the toilet


  • Expensive for a litter box, in the top range of equipment
  • Needs connections to an outlet, cold water, and a drain or toilet
  • Cleaning cycle could be long for cats on multiple cycles

Litter Robot III Open-Air Automatic Litter Box

If you’ve wanted your cat to have a litter box that looks like it belongs in a spaceship, and has the technology built in to back up that claim, then this is the litter box that you need.

Its futuristic appearance is a talking point for your house, and it has some top of the line features that will keep your house feeling and looking fresh.

It is a fully automated cleaning system that is large enough to fit cats of any size, which has a large entrance way so your cat shouldn’t feel claustrophobic going in.

After it detects your cat has used the machine and has left it, the litter robot will then automatically sift through the litter and dump it into an easily accessible bottom drawer, keeping it tight and out of sight and smell.

It can be set to clean after 3, 7, or 15 minutes after your cat has left, depending on what works best for your liking.

The high-tech buttons also are equipped with a lock feature on them, so if you have anyone you think would meddle with your litter box, they won’t have any option to do so.

It also tells you when the litter box waste compartment is full, so you’ll never have to do an eye check and be exposed to any unwanted smells.

This litter box completely traps all odors and is large enough to accommodate a household full of cats. If you want the highest in luxury for your cat, then this is the litter box you want them to use.


  • Huge clearance for your cat to enter, so it will fit cats of any size and shape
  • Automatically tells you when the unit is full, so you never need to do an eye check
  • Sifts through litter and saves you tons of costs on clumping
  • Self-cleans after every use, and has a lock-in button feature to keep the settings the way you wanted them to be


  • A little on the expensive side for a litter box
  • The enclosed space may scare off some cats

Modkat Litter Box

Though it’s not automated in the traditional sense of being electrical or operating with moving parts, the Modkat litter box provides a great solution for people without access to areas with outlets. If you want a litter box that makes zero noise and contains zero moving parts then this may be worth considering.

This litter box completes and eliminates any litter tracking from your cat. By having a patented top-down entry, with a sifted top lid, your cat needs to exit from the top and clean his paws off before jumping off.

The top lid also swivels, so any mess on the top can be easily transferred right back to where it belongs.

Instead of having a scoop to get rid of the litter, it has a resilient mesh reusable liner, which you lift to separate the clumping from the litter, easily saving you a ton of money on premium cat litter.

The liners can last you up to 3 months of consistent use, and keep the product in place, so your cat can’t knock the litter box over when rambling around from outside or inside.

The top entry is large enough for most cats to fit into, and they love feeling protected from all sides.

If you have a cat that is extraordinarily large, it also comes in an x-large size with side door access, so your large friend can still get involved in using this box.

If you need a litter box for your green home and want the certainty that your cat will never get litter in any unsuspecting spots in your home, then the Modkat litter box is the perfect box for your feline friends.


  • Reusable liners that last up to 3 months are ultra-resilient and keep the box from falling over
  • Energy efficient, so uses no electricity and can be placed anywhere
  • Sifter on the top cleans your cat’s paws and makes sure litter stays where it needs to stay


  • Top-down entry can be very unwelcoming for some cats
  • Not automated in the traditional sense, you still need to do some cleaning yourself
  • Can smell if not cleaned out

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box

If you have cats of all sizes or a household where cats outnumber people, then this litter box will get the job done. Its enclosed space keeps smells and odors where they belong.

While not being electrical or fully automated, this litter box won’t scare away any cats from unnecessary moving parts or noise. It works by simply rolling the litter box around on your floor.

Once the litter box has fully rolled onto its top, then the internal shifting mechanism will have fully collected the clumps. It places them in a wastebasket on the side for you to later dispose of without any hassle.

It’s simple to use and keeps all the litter in where it should be. I love that it separates the clumping from the litter without any use of filters, waste bags, or electricity.

You can clean it out in seconds, so it’s great if you have multiple cats lining up for use, as there is no set timer on it for when it will operate at.

If you want a litter box that involves no hassle or scooping, but want something you have full control of operating, and at a great price, then this is the litter box for you.


  • Durable and sturdy, and can fit cats of all shapes and sizes
  • Requires zero liners, filters, or any electricity
  • Has a patented cleaning grill, that easily sifts through litter and disposes of clumping


  • Needs enough space to roll it around on its sides
  • Needs to empty quite often from its waste grill

LitterMaid LM580 Classic Series Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

The LitterMaid is one of the top cleaning systems that automatically separates and sorts your cat’s litter, keeping your home free from all odors.

It comes ready to use and is very simple to set up. It works by using a sensor that activates when your cat enters the box. After your cat leaves the box, it cycles through on a conveyor, and an automated rake will scoop and sort out all the clumping, and keep your room odor free.

It has a sleep timer on it as well. So if you’re concerned about noise at night, it will activate again in the morning and get rid of your cat’s overnight doings right when you wake up.

This litter box is perfect for small apartments, and people who have one small cat. The machine is small, but does a good job at keeping out odors for single use.


  • The automated rake does a great job at sorting through clumping and disposing of it
  • Very simple set up, and the removable rake can be easily cleaned


  • Has a weight limit of only 15 pounds, so if you have a big fellow at home then they may not be able to use it

What to look for when buying an automated litter box

Enclosed or open air

When getting an automated litter box, you need to make sure your cats will even use it. Enclosed litter boxes are great because they do a good job at keeping the odors contained immediately inside the litter box. If the box is automated then you will probably never have to smell your cat’s doing ever again. However, a lot of cats are afraid of closed in spaces, and may not be very receptive to using one.

Open space ones are more friendly for scared cats and they can easily see the litter so they know where to go.

Bear in mind that open air boxes tend to smell much worse. If the cleaning schedule isn’t set to a few minutes after use, then your room could quickly fill with that smell you wanted to avoid in the first place.

Conveyor or sifter

This mechanism on automated litter boxes involves how your cat feels about fearing equipment or moving pieces.

A conveyor has multiple moving pieces and usually brings the clumping to a secure area, and locks in the poop, so smells are eliminated almost immediately.

These do a great job at keeping away smells, however, many of the machines tend to make some noise, and move, which scares away some cats who don’t like unpredictable pieces.

Sifters do a good job at not scaring away your cats. But they can only do so much at sorting clumping. If it isn’t automatically raked away, some odors will still emanate from the unit and leak out into the room.

Electronic or not

Electronic or not all depends on where you want to keep the litter box, and if moving pieces scare away your cat.

The electronic boxes do a great job at self-sorting the clumping but may scare away some cats.

The manual boxes are excellent for houses that have a ton of cats and can be cleaned by either pulling out a sifting device, such as in the Modkat box or by rolling it around, like the Omega Paw.

These do a great job at sorting, but you still need to do some cleaning. It all depends on how much you love or hate cleaning out a litter box or are not too averse to the smell of manual cat poop removal.


If you are ready to spoil your furry friend with an awesome gift, then an automatic self cleaning litter box should be on your list.

It not only will keep your house or appartment smelling much better but it will also save you time and money.

In the long run these things pay for themselves and will have you spending more time with your cat and less time worring about foul smells when visitos stop by.

I hope this article has helped you take one step closer towards enjoying one of these great inventions for you and your pet.

How to Make Your Puppy Happy

How to Make Your Puppy Happy

Are you thinking of the ways that can help you in making your puppy happy? No issues at all when you have the right methods available for putting your puppies on the right track of events. Stimulate the senses of your puppy by checking out the following tips:

Plan Playtime

Try arranging a date with your lovable puppy on a regular basis. This will help in socializing the puppy. Racing him to the park or reading to him are other things that you can do for offering your undivided attention to your puppy.

Go for a Road Tour

Your puppy will surely love riding to the post office or the ice-cream store. When going for a road tour with your puppy, bring down the windows of the car for the puppy to get some fresh air. However, ensure that he is safely and securely seated in his seat. It would be wise to make use of a seatbelt harness meant for puppies.

Rotate Your Puppy’s Toys

If your puppy has only one or two toys, there are chances of him getting bored very easily. So, arrange several toys for him. This will have your puppy enjoying new things. However, this does not mean that you need to get new toys for your puppy. Keep rotating the toys if you find that your puppy has got bored of what he has been playing with now. Put the present toys of your puppy away and bring on the old ones that he might have forgotten about. This method surely works when it is about making your puppy happy.

Take Your Puppy for Walks

Taking your puppy for walks is not only a good form of exercise but it is also good for your puppy’s mind. It is essential for puppies to go out. Can you imagine yourself being stuck in your house your whole life? The same goes for your puppy as well. Daily walks tend to be very important for the mental and the physical health of your puppy. Regular walks help the puppies in experiencing new things and in getting excited as well. This helps the puppies in burning energy which further keeps them healthy.

Teach Some Fun Tricks to Your Puppy

You need to train your puppy on different things and not just on eliminating waste. Try teaching fun new tricks to your puppy such as weaving through the legs and other impressive and fun tricks. These include crawling, spinning, cleaning up the toys and bowing.

Treat Your Puppy with Homemade Food

If your puppy loves to watch you cook, you can give him a good surprise by serving him some delicious dog treats made at home. You will have fun doing this because you will come to know about the different ingredients used in dog treats. You will also get a clear understanding of the different recipes that work for your puppy.

You do not need to start from scratch in order to make your puppy happy. Just try to offer a good amount of positive reinforcement while moving slowly with your endeavour.